I’m Anna León Juvanteny, an enthusiastic designer born in a little town near Barcelona, Spain. After high school, I moved to the Costa del Sol where I studied and worked and in 2016 I have started a new adventure in London, United Kingdom.

During my childhood, I was always drawing and experimenting with craft, after finishing high school I have decided to transform that fun and passion into my career.

I started working at a young age in the design industry as a web designer, since then I have worked for studio designs, agencies, and in-house across print and digital platforms for a range of brands to create visually engaging and conceptually driven design.

My goal is to consistently produce conceptually innovative, user-centered designs in any media. I take great pleasure in creating minimalistic designs that work and communicate well with the audience and to continue to learn, grow and strive.

If you want to know more about myself, find me on social media, if you would like to know more about my career, please check my LinkedIn, or contact me below.